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In the previous post, we have known that implementing the social media tool is not only having many benefits for companies, but it also contains many risks. Many companies failed to implement the social media tools because they haven’t thought too much about the risks. Those risks might be internal or external or a combination of both. Yet, this week I would like to continue talking about some of the major legal risks which the companies confront with, how did they do for reducing the risks.

According to Burrows, there are many major legal risks which associated with participation in social media sites.

Risk Category

  • Confidential Information – loss and disclosure
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Statutory Risks
    • Trade mark infringement – Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth)
    • Copyright – Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)
    • Privacy – Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)
    • Discrimination – Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Cth).
    • Misleading and deceptive conduct – Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth)
    • Defamation – Defamation Act 1995 (Qld) and Common Law
    • Negligent misstatements – Common Law
  • Occupation and organisation specific risks
    • Specific to the industry that the organisation operates in
  • Reputation risk

Those risks include internal or external or both.  Also, those risks might affect companies to touch the law. Consequently, in order to avoid those risks, companies should essentially create Social Media Policy (SMP). The SMP is a great factor that not only able to be protection for the internal part, but it also able to avoid the dispute from the external.

The example of Social Media Policy

Dell Inc. is an American multinational computer technology corporation which develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services. Dell has many employees worldwide, and many users are browsing its information from many social media tools. In order to protect and avoid disputes, Dell Company clearly announces its globe Social Media Policy online that allows employees and customers to exactly understand and agree. Also, Dell Company obviously announces the Social Media Account Ownership to its employees.

There are five social media principles of DELL

  • Protect Information
  • Be Transparent and Disclose
  • Follow the Law, Follow the Code of Conduct
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Nice, Have Fun and Connect

To sum up, making correct decisions is the best method to allow company to avoid the negative affect. In order to create an excellent Enterprise 2.0, companies extremely need to consider the risks and legal risks. Because nobody want to lose money and their business.



Legal risks of social networking for business

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DELL – Global Social Media Policy



Hello Folks, G’day… This week topic I would like to talk about the benefits and risks of implement the Enterprise 2.0. There are many case studies of how companies to be succeeded. As we have known, 2.0 world has influenced our life very much, and this tool allows us to easily have communication, instantly receive information, and speedily share something with others. Also, many companies have known what 2.0 tools could offer them to get more business opportunities, and that’s the reason of why many companies are starting to implement 2.0 tools in these days.

However, before we decide to implement 2.0 tools, we must understand what the benefit and risks of implement 2.0 tool.

Benefits of implementation
  • Knowledge
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Staff engagement

The 2.0 tools allows employees to be able to easily share their knowledge with other colleagues, and the workers of different apartments are able to learn the various stuff from others via the 2.0 tool. Also, the rookies of company are able to easily understand, follow, and learn from the sharing information via tools. In addition, the 2.o tools allows the employees to easily collaborate with other colleagues. They are merely using the 2.0 tools to collaborate in anytime or anywhere. It reduces lots of  time of travelling, and improves the productivity and efficiency.

For instance, British Telecom (BT) company created an internal website, BTpedia which is similar as Wikipedia, to allow its employees to collaborate with other workers, and edit their experience for sharing to other workers. BTpedia is not only allows all employees to have a good communication with others, but also many employees learned lots of knowledge via it.

Risks of implementation
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • Resources

Security is the main issue of implementation the company must be pay full attention on, because they might face the information losing or data stealing, and no companies hope that their internal data will let others know. So, making strong networking security is the most essential feature. Reliability also is a risk of implementation for the companies. Some of unreliable or incorrect information will influence readers’ view and thinking. Company should be careful before posting. In addition, another risk of implement is that employees spend too much time on the social network such as Facebook and Twitter during their working time. That will influence the working quality, and the productivity would be reduced. Lastly, resources are also another feature of implementation companies need to be considered. They need to consider the balance between overuse and underused.

Risks of “not” implementing Enterprise 2.0
  • Unauthorized use of web tools
  • Fragmentation of information
  • Reduced competitiveness
  • Difficult to retain talented staff

Those are the essential features we need to avoid. Using unauthorized web tools might influence more risks of implementation such as failing integrate with internal system or some issues of security. And also might bring more serious issue such as destroy system. In addition, fragmentation of information will influence team worker to difficult to collect and organise data, and also influence the productivity. According to above features, we really need to consider how we can create a great 2.0 business world by using our style and version.


Do you agree that the social media tools have altered our life?

In my opinion, I’m totally agree. Nowadays, browsing the internet world is being the basic homework and the most important thing in our life now. The internet world not only provides much news online and much information, but also making the relationship between people to be closer. Meanwhile, we like to utilize social media tools for writing and sharing everything such as journal and photo, browse friends’ blogs, and leave comments. Those new interactive methods via the internet are be generally called Web 2.0. Wed 2.0 allows people to interact, contribution, creation, and collaboration with other people via the social media tools such as Wiki, Facebook, Blog, Twitter and many many Web 2.0 tools.

And now, I’m going to describe what the new Web 2.0 tools I signed up, and how these tools assist in my personal productivity.


I have been starting to use Twitter since 2 weeks ago. In my personal opinion, it is quite better than Facebook, because the platform of Twitter is clearer. Twitter only allows user to type 140 characters. I extremely like this function because it allows me to shortly and easily read the messages.  Also, Twitter is great tool to meet new friends, and follow people status.

Blog (WordPress)

Using blog was a fresh experience to me, because it was the first time to write blog. I did many researches for using blog these days, and I realised many stuff of blog. However, I’m just starting to use WordPress for 2 weeks. So far as beginner’s concerned, WordPress has many simple functions to use, and the clear platform. I felt free to use WordPress, although I’m still exploring it.


Instagram is an online album application of mobile phone. It provides a simple platform and operation. Users are able to take photos, decorate photos, and share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media in anytime and anywhere, user also can see friends or other people’s photo and leave comments. For myself, I like to see the sneaker photos which share from some sneaker collectors. Instagram is great social media tool to create your own online album.


Wikipedia is a free, collaboratively edited, and multilingual Internet encyclopaedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. My personal opinion is that Wiki is great tool to search information. I really like to read on Wikipedia, because it has many articles, and it also provides many references which is able to help me to have the further reading. Wikipedia allows me to simply get many ideas of research and useful information, and improve my knowledge.


Source: NIKE, Inc.

Nike Basketball pays tribute to LeBron James and his first championship with a limited edition footwear pack launching “August 11“.

LEBRON 9 MVP and LEBRON 9 PS Elite will be sold as a pack and will be available in very limited quantities across North America and China.

The famous U.S magazine Dime had interview with Joe Johnson, who plays for Brooklyn Nets in NBA. They chatted about the sneaker collection, and Joe showed Dime Magazine around his sneaker vault which has more than 1000 pairs of Jordans and uncountable for others. That’s super insane, isn’t it? Hope one day I can also have the same closest as him.

Source via Dime

Hello folks, welcome to my first blog for Enterprise 2.0.

Nowadays, blog has become a convenient tool of social communication via the internet. Many people and companies are starting to use blog to publicize their commercials, and share information for other people via the internet. This technology has influenced the reader to easily find their interested information, and leave their comments and feedbacks. So, this blog will be my successful blog. I’m Te-Wei (Darren), Lee, and from Taiwan(not Chinese Taipei). Hope you guys enjoy your journey.

The purpose of my blog is that I’d like to create a great blog for sharing and providing some useful information for the readers. And, I’d also like to meet some friends who have the same interest via through this blog.

There are five strategies of my blogging

  •  Clear topic: A great topic to allow readers to easily remember and find the blog.
  •  Useful information: The useful information will attract readers to visit the blog again. Also, they may share the useful information for friends and other sides.
  • Frequently update: It also will attract readers to come back the blog again. They will be follower of the blog.
  • Passion: Must be passion for writing blog, in order to provider great quality for readers.
  • Interactive: Having a good relationship with readers. Chatting online or sharing knowledge.

The example of the great blogs

For a sneaker collector and fan, those blogs provide many useful information of sneaker, and share many clear pictures, price of sneaker and what date of sale. It allows the readers to easily get much information, and share their comments to others. Those are great blogs.

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