Hello, My First personal blogging

Posted: 07/08/2012 in Enterprise 2.0

Hello folks, welcome to my first blog for Enterprise 2.0.

Nowadays, blog has become a convenient tool of social communication via the internet. Many people and companies are starting to use blog to publicize their commercials, and share information for other people via the internet. This technology has influenced the reader to easily find their interested information, and leave their comments and feedbacks. So, this blog will be my successful blog. I’m Te-Wei (Darren), Lee, and from Taiwan(not Chinese Taipei). Hope you guys enjoy your journey.

The purpose of my blog is that I’d like to create a great blog for sharing and providing some useful information for the readers. And, I’d also like to meet some friends who have the same interest via through this blog.

There are five strategies of my blogging

  •  Clear topic: A great topic to allow readers to easily remember and find the blog.
  •  Useful information: The useful information will attract readers to visit the blog again. Also, they may share the useful information for friends and other sides.
  • Frequently update: It also will attract readers to come back the blog again. They will be follower of the blog.
  • Passion: Must be passion for writing blog, in order to provider great quality for readers.
  • Interactive: Having a good relationship with readers. Chatting online or sharing knowledge.

The example of the great blogs

For a sneaker collector and fan, those blogs provide many useful information of sneaker, and share many clear pictures, price of sneaker and what date of sale. It allows the readers to easily get much information, and share their comments to others. Those are great blogs.

Thanks for visiting…

Have fun…

  1. PrapatW says:

    Hi Te-Wei, you really get my attention to read your blog. It look very nice and your content is good too. I didn’t buy much sneaker as I prefer to wear sandal. I hope your blog will be success. You can visit me at http://prapatwoonnatee.wordpress.com/ to give me some helpful comments as I’m just starting to blog for the first time.


    Prapat W.

  2. origamijoe says:

    Good first post, and great overview of your strategy for your first blog but as I pointed out in my post, new media has the advantage over traditional media due to interaction so injecting a little personality into the writing will also do well to encourage that.

  3. Hi Darren !
    Love your theme, it seems very personalized ! Like the idea your are already sharing your interests through your blog! I just followed the instruction such as explaining the social media strategy and I did not dare to write about my passion! I should do the same next post !

  4. Hi Darren.
    Welcome to bloggosphere. If you enjoy Enterprise 2.0 content, I will be posting weekly in my blog (http://charlestontelles.wordpress.com/)

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