Web 2.0 Changes Our Life

Posted: 16/08/2012 in Enterprise 2.0
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Do you agree that the social media tools have altered our life?

In my opinion, I’m totally agree. Nowadays, browsing the internet world is being the basic homework and the most important thing in our life now. The internet world not only provides much news online and much information, but also making the relationship between people to be closer. Meanwhile, we like to utilize social media tools for writing and sharing everything such as journal and photo, browse friends’ blogs, and leave comments. Those new interactive methods via the internet are be generally called Web 2.0. Wed 2.0 allows people to interact, contribution, creation, and collaboration with other people via the social media tools such as Wiki, Facebook, Blog, Twitter and many many Web 2.0 tools.

And now, I’m going to describe what the new Web 2.0 tools I signed up, and how these tools assist in my personal productivity.


I have been starting to use Twitter since 2 weeks ago. In my personal opinion, it is quite better than Facebook, because the platform of Twitter is clearer. Twitter only allows user to type 140 characters. I extremely like this function because it allows me to shortly and easily read the messages.  Also, Twitter is great tool to meet new friends, and follow people status.

Blog (WordPress)

Using blog was a fresh experience to me, because it was the first time to write blog. I did many researches for using blog these days, and I realised many stuff of blog. However, I’m just starting to use WordPress for 2 weeks. So far as beginner’s concerned, WordPress has many simple functions to use, and the clear platform. I felt free to use WordPress, although I’m still exploring it.


Instagram is an online album application of mobile phone. It provides a simple platform and operation. Users are able to take photos, decorate photos, and share photos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media in anytime and anywhere, user also can see friends or other people’s photo and leave comments. For myself, I like to see the sneaker photos which share from some sneaker collectors. Instagram is great social media tool to create your own online album.


Wikipedia is a free, collaboratively edited, and multilingual Internet encyclopaedia supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. My personal opinion is that Wiki is great tool to search information. I really like to read on Wikipedia, because it has many articles, and it also provides many references which is able to help me to have the further reading. Wikipedia allows me to simply get many ideas of research and useful information, and improve my knowledge.

These social media tools are all the new brand for me, and those are the extremely good tools.

If you haven’t ever tried these tools, TRY IT… you will love it.

  1. PrapatW says:

    Hi Te-Wei, I think you should try out more social medias. Twitter and WordPress are just basic ones. I recommended Google+ if you are interested you can check my blog about it. Twitter is very easy to use and people use it every time and everywhere so it will give lots of information to you. These information are too much for me to read them all and many of them have link to even more information.


    Prapat W.

    • dw3080 says:

      Hello Prapat,

      thanks your advice…I should really try to use more social media tools. Google+ is good one to try.


  2. origamijoe says:

    I see that you mention that you prefer twitter over Facebook, can you tell me how each compares as a microblogging platform in your opinion and which would be better to host a community off of? I see many people use a combination of both of the platforms to do community management and I’ve always wondered if that was because of ease of use or if it was restricting the amount of interaction they could have. Would love you hear your opinion on this.


    • dw3080 says:

      Hello Joe,

      In my opinion, I’d like to say that Twitter and Facebook both are the great micro blogging platform. According to my experience, I like the platform of Twitter, because it is clear, simple, and it doesn’t have many ads on the platform, and the design of messaging capability allows me to easily send and read the messages. On the other hand, New Facebook version has too many commercial, and the timeline function really made me insane. However, I think Facebook still is better than Twitter to host a community because the platform of Facebook is more multiplex for creating group and event. People use these two platforms to be combination to do community management because they want to cover some functions which another platform doesn’t have. And using this method which allows people to easily share their information, and attract others to follow their blog via these two platforms. Those are my opinion, hope you could share your opinion as well.

      Thanks your comment. And hope you will be better as soon as possible.

      Have a G’day…

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