Benefits and Risks of Enterprise 2.0

Posted: 23/08/2012 in Enterprise 2.0
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Hello Folks, G’day… This week topic I would like to talk about the benefits and risks of implement the Enterprise 2.0. There are many case studies of how companies to be succeeded. As we have known, 2.0 world has influenced our life very much, and this tool allows us to easily have communication, instantly receive information, and speedily share something with others. Also, many companies have known what 2.0 tools could offer them to get more business opportunities, and that’s the reason of why many companies are starting to implement 2.0 tools in these days.

However, before we decide to implement 2.0 tools, we must understand what the benefit and risks of implement 2.0 tool.

Benefits of implementation
  • Knowledge
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Staff engagement

The 2.0 tools allows employees to be able to easily share their knowledge with other colleagues, and the workers of different apartments are able to learn the various stuff from others via the 2.0 tool. Also, the rookies of company are able to easily understand, follow, and learn from the sharing information via tools. In addition, the 2.o tools allows the employees to easily collaborate with other colleagues. They are merely using the 2.0 tools to collaborate in anytime or anywhere. It reduces lots of  time of travelling, and improves the productivity and efficiency.

For instance, British Telecom (BT) company created an internal website, BTpedia which is similar as Wikipedia, to allow its employees to collaborate with other workers, and edit their experience for sharing to other workers. BTpedia is not only allows all employees to have a good communication with others, but also many employees learned lots of knowledge via it.

Risks of implementation
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Productivity
  • Resources

Security is the main issue of implementation the company must be pay full attention on, because they might face the information losing or data stealing, and no companies hope that their internal data will let others know. So, making strong networking security is the most essential feature. Reliability also is a risk of implementation for the companies. Some of unreliable or incorrect information will influence readers’ view and thinking. Company should be careful before posting. In addition, another risk of implement is that employees spend too much time on the social network such as Facebook and Twitter during their working time. That will influence the working quality, and the productivity would be reduced. Lastly, resources are also another feature of implementation companies need to be considered. They need to consider the balance between overuse and underused.

Risks of “not” implementing Enterprise 2.0
  • Unauthorized use of web tools
  • Fragmentation of information
  • Reduced competitiveness
  • Difficult to retain talented staff

Those are the essential features we need to avoid. Using unauthorized web tools might influence more risks of implementation such as failing integrate with internal system or some issues of security. And also might bring more serious issue such as destroy system. In addition, fragmentation of information will influence team worker to difficult to collect and organise data, and also influence the productivity. According to above features, we really need to consider how we can create a great 2.0 business world by using our style and version.


  1. PrapatW says:

    I think many tools from the social medias have great benefits for the organization such as Wikipedia, Dropbox, JIRA, etc. The social medias themselves could be a great weapon too such as Facebook and Twitter but they come with risk as well. You will need to at least take part in the social medias to minimize some of the risks. When you get negative influence from the social medias you can take that down faster.


    Prapat W.

    • dw3080 says:

      Hello Prapat,

      I agree your comment. Those social media tools are exactly the great weapon themselves. And, I should really descript more about the risks of using those tools to companies, and find out the solutions to minimise those risks.

      Thanks your comment.

  2. origamijoe says:

    You mention that employees who spend too much time on social networks can reduce productivity which in my mind seems to have been counter-acted by companies by hiring one or many independent social media experts that handle the companies interaction with companies, much like marketing handles it’s image. Do you feel that the segregation between the people handling the interaction with the customers and those who work internally on the actual main product or service the company offers affects the companies ability to interact at a more basal and honest level? If so, how would you recommend that companies counteract those tendencies?


  3. dw3080 says:

    Yeah, it really has some segregation between the people. In my opinion, although using the social media tool is more convenient, I still prefer the interaction by face to face. And, in order to offer a more basal and honest level for customers, I will suggest that the companies should really emphasis on their product and service quality firstly. Also, more communication is the best positive method to counteract the negative.

    Thank your comment.

  4. e2student says:

    While I agree that making strong networking security is the most essential feature, I don’t think it will solve all the problems because employees’s are not just restricted to using social media tools to leak data. But then that is a security issue that has been around for businesses to deal with no matter the techonlogy at that time.

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