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Posted: 26/09/2012 in Enterprise 2.0
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In the previous post, I mentioned the strategies of blogging and miro-blogging for OB (Origami Bear). I hope that had enough information for everyone.  This week, my team mates and I’d like to describe how OB will be more successful by using the wiki, and what the strategies which OB would be implemented on the wiki.

According to Wikipedia, the name of Wikipedia is a portmanteau of the words wiki (wee kee wee kee) which means “quick” from the Hawaiian word and encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content and openly editable encyclopedia platform which allows everyone to create, collaborate and modify the page.

In Benefits and Risks of Enterprise 2.0 this post, I revealed an example of British Telecom (BT) Company which has an internal website that calls BTpedia. BTpedia allows employees of BT to collaborate with other workers, and edit their experience for sharing to other workers. BTpedia is not only allows all employees to have a good communication with others, but also many employees learned lots of knowledge via it.

  • By 2009, at least 50 percent of organizations will use wikis as important work collaboration tools — will you be in that number? – Brad Kenney | IndustryWeek

How company implement a successful corporate wiki?

There are seven strategies for implementing wiki from  Brad Kenney‘s article

  • Integrate the wiki as one of several important tools in an organization’s IT collaboration architecture.
  • Understand the wiki “rules of conduct” and ensure they are monitored and enforced.
  • Optimize the use of wikis for collaborative knowledge creation across geographically dispersed employees, and for crossing divisional or functional boundaries, in order to gain insights from people not previously connected.
  • Assign a champion to each wiki and have that champion observe contributions that people make to the wiki; the champion will help foster employees who adopt the important “shaper” role within the wiki.
  • Recognize that the most difficult barrier to cross in sustaining a wiki is convincing people to edit others’ work; organizations should ask their champion and managers to help with this.
  • Recognize that a significant value of wikis comes from embedding small software programs into the wiki that structure repetitive behavior. Some include organizing meeting minutes, rolling up project status or scheduling meetings. Ask wiki participants to keep watching for repetitive activity to evolve and enhance wiki technology.
  • Understand wikis are best used in work cultures that encourage collaboration. Without an appropriate fit with the workplace culture, wiki technology will be of limited value in sharing knowledge, ideas and practices.

Great, if you still stay with me, you must know lots of information about implementing Wiki for organisations.

NOW, I will start to talk about the wiki strategies for OB

OB (Origami Bear) is an independent game development studio with upcoming projects to be released in future. Although OB hasn’t implement wiki to be a tool now, OB believe they will implement wiki in the future because implementing wiki is able to offer the greater relationship between company itself and customers, and a useful method to employee of OB for dealing the project, and sharing knowledge among others. The strategy which I will describe is that OB will through effective integration of blog and wiki, and links to other resources, and will effectively be integrated, in order to emphasise on the organisation and development of the outputs of different results. Also, wiki is able to be a e-learning platform for the internal employees.

Combination of wiki and blogging

Wiki and blog are the great tools. Consequently, if these two tools combine together, that will be a bloody effective weapon for organisations. Customers and reader are able to visit many pages by using the links and references to other resources. This method also allows customers and readers to have more information and further reading. In addition, the effective integration allows OB to have more emphasises on itself and development of the outputs of different results.

To be a E-learning platform for staff

There are many advantages of using wiki to be an e-learning platform. Staffs are able to easily alter their content, and search learning sources, they are also able to fit their experience to quickly meet personal learning goals and navigate the content. Another benefit is that is that this platform is able to reduce the costs of paper and travelling fees. Employees are able to save much money by using this platform. Also, staffs are able to easily have community with others.

However, implementing wiki is able to provide many benefits for OB, because wiki is a great platform for collaboration and collaborative knowledge creation.

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