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These days, Social Media is a technological development which has altered our lives. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and other social media tools every moment and every day. Using Social Network has become an important habit because Social Network allows us to easily connect with friends, communicate with friends, watch information and news, and share funny stuff for us. Because of that, there are more companies are starting to implement Social Medias for attracting customers and readers, in order to enhance business brand to be stronger, create huge market, and earn more money. On the other hand, companies also use Social Networking for increasing their staff morale, and gaining more expertise and resource of enterprise, and creating great communicated and working environment among employees. Social Networks are being used by more and more companies to enhance collaboration both internally and externally.

This week, my team mates and I’d like to talk about what the objectives, and how Social Networks could assist achievements for OB (Origami Bear).  One of the important processes where a Social Network could assist OB in achieving is creating a great environment for staff by using the internal wiki page. Internal wiki page is able to be an E-learning platform which allows organisation to increase their working effect, save much money on paper work, and reduce much time for travelling because TIME IS MONEY. Employees are able to easily share their knowledge, and collaborate for build a huge knowledge database. E-learning is able to be a great platform for training new employees as well. On Using Wikis for Learning and Collaboration, Connie described many benefits of using the wiki to be an E-learning platform. One of advantages is that employees are able to collaborate wiki page together for building a huge knowledge database by sharing their experience. This method allows employees to easily find solution to problems. Saving money is another aspect for implementing wiki platform. Companies are able to reduce much cost of printing papers, cost of employ tutors. Employees can simply catch the resources on the internal wiki platform. Consequently, wiki page as E-learning platform is exactly able to bring many advantages for organisations.

Social networking sites of OB


Using Social Networking to help work to be more effective, and save much money

Saving money and reducing cost is the feature for Social network strategies that OB could employ to achieve their objectives by using SaaS (Software as a Service). According to Wikipedia, SaaS is a software delivery model in which software and associated data are centrally hosted on the cloud. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser. Because of influence of online social networks, there are numerous SaaS provide online features to allow their user to able to collaborate and share information on the Cloud. Google Drive and DropBox are the examples. Those software provide space to allow user to easily manage their projects and documents online. People are able to share their documents, and collaborate via Google Drive and DropBox as well. Using this method is not only able to make employees to be more effectively do their projects, but also can help company save much money.

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Hello Folks, G’day…

This week topic I would like to talk about how ROI can be calculated for Enterprise 2.0 projects.

First of all >>>What is ROI?

Return On Investment (ROI) refers to the value returned by investment. It express how much profitable value is able to obtain for the cost of betting. Also, ROI is usually as the major business indicator and profitable goal of organisations.

The formula of ROI:

ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment


Nowadays, there are more companies which are staring to adopt social media tools. Why they want to implement social media tools? The answer is that they want to use this simple tool of investment to improve their profit, and create huger market.  Also, they want to know how social media really can help them to earn more and more money. According to Eric Harr, there are 5 Simple steps to measure ROI of social media.

Determine Your Social Media Spend (SMS).

Determine your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Determine New Customer Value Via Social Media (SMV).

Calculate Customer Service Value (CSV).

Determine Impression Value (IV).

These five great factor that companies need to think about how they to add their business up via social media.

There are some examples of ROI in social media.

  • Subway Slim Down Challenge – Subway made a slim challenge. In order to attract more people to join, Subway made many commercial via TV, newspapers and many kinds of marketing activities. However, Subway found that there are 71% registers from Facebook.
  • Social media keeps the creme Brulee Man travelling – In America, there is a vender who smartly use Twitter to announce where the location every day ,and which flavour will be sold today. Also, he always asked customers’ comment. Yet, this method made him to have 12000 followers in a year. He really successfully have a well relationship with his followers.
  • ROI from Facebook ads – Vamplets is a small company which create vampire dolls. It implemented Facebook ads to be new channel for driving its revenue. It only had US$250 budget per month for ads, while those ads generated an additional $1,000 in revenue. It means Vamplets got 300% ROI.

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